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New  UFM Games presents: UFM FREE THE MARKET!

This game is a 3D, single-player, city builder and government simulator.


Join the FUN as you take on entrepreneurial and political challenges, so that the market that you create can THRIVE TO SURVIVE!

You will be coordinating the actions of willing citizens of the private sector. You may assign them dwellings, job roles, or even coordinate actions to defend their own freedoms.

As the market leader, you may start by sending free, willing citizens to work in the Central Market, Bank or on the land. As they work, and as the market generates value, expressed in Libertokens, you will be able to earn enough Libertokens to start building your very own healthy market.

Who knows, you may even become a very successful entrepreneur!


Earn, save and invest your Libertokens, the city’s local currency, to grow and expand your very own market. But be careful, the changing governments will try to keep a tight leash and keep trying to limit your freedoms.


Based in real-life, Latin-American architecture, the city scape you create will be unique.

Thousands of possibilities, many building combinations and endless gameplay, there are plenty of options to remain entertained.


“UFM FREE THE MARKET” is developed by UFM Games, a video game center made for collaborative learning from Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM).

We take games seriously. They engage the imagination, deepen learning and teach the value of resilience through failure. We are a multidisciplinary team of students, alumni, professors and professionals. We develop video games, board games and escape rooms using the latest technology and gamification methodologies. We organize game nights, interactive debates and brainstorms to create a gaming culture at UFM.

Our mission is to create fun and engaging games that spread ideas of freedom and explore the educational power of play.

#1. UFM Free The Market (Android) By: Universidad Francisco Marroquín
#2. UFM Free The Market (Android) By: Universidad Francisco Marroquín
#3. UFM Free The Market (Android) By: Universidad Francisco Marroquín
#4. UFM Free The Market (Android) By: Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Name of Game: UFM Free The Market

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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UFM Free The Market MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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