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A great game for training visual memory, reaction speed, attention and concentration💪 is designed for those who love beauty. The game was created by S7-SOFTWARE based on the paintings of the artist Ulyana Kondratyuk.💐
📱You can have a good time playing the game while training your memory and enjoying art.
🕰The graphics and original paintings are so fascinating that you do not notice how time passes and you are immersed in the beautiful world of art
🖼 The collection of paintings in the game includes various genres such as landscapes, portraits, still life, flowers and animals.
👨👩👧👦The game is suitable for people of all ages, both adults and children who want to have fun or pass their time.
💾Downloading the game is absolutely free. You can play the game and train your memory even offline.

🎭The features of the game🎨:

high memory training results effortlessly
exciting graphics in the style of oil paintings
selected artworks
can be played without an internet connection
suitable for all ages

🎨Scenic Game Design🎨

The main feature of this game is that all the graphics for it were developed by a young Ukrainian artist – Ulyana Kondratyuk👸🏻. The game presents more than 100 famous paintings of the artist, which are displayed at art exhibitions and are owned by collectors in Ukraine, Turkey, Japan, Canada, Egypt. The artist paints in the style of impressionism. Her paintings are filled with kindness and charm, love for the homeland and respect for other cultures, especially the cultures of the East.

🎯The goal of the game is to train memory and brain🎨

The goal of this game is to train the brain and memory, attention, reaction speed, concentration.
Body muscles are trained in the gym, but you can train the brain anywhere, the main thing is to have a smartphone nearby. All you need to do is download our program of training memory and systematically find pairs of pictures, gradually moving up to more complex levels.

🎨♀️ The effectiveness of memorization🎨

Developing the brain and strengthening the memory positively affects health. Memorization exercises are always an excellent charge for the mind and prevention of many diseases of advanced age, and the ability to memorize effectively will be needed in everyday life.
Memorization is one of the main processes of memory, the basis of which is the formation and consolidation of temporary neural connections. The more complex the material is, the more complex temporary connections that form memorization are.
In order to develop memorization, multiple and systematic repetition and division of material into parts the allocation of semantic units in the text are required.

🎨♂️🎮 Game Process🎨
Try it now! The game consists of three levels, which you can choose at will such as easy, ordinary and complex. All of them differ in the time allocated to the task.
First on the field you will see pictures, the placement of which should be remembered. After the pictures are closed you will have to indicate from memory the placement of all pairs of identical paintings during a certain time. If you do not have time to find all the pairs of pictures, you can pass this level again.
Starting from easy levels and gradually moving to more complex ones, you improve and train your memory skills.
You can also choose the category of paintings that will be displayed in the game such as landscapes, portraits, still life, flowers, animals and mixed category.
If you feel that the level has become easy for you, go to a more complex level of the game for training memory.
With each level, the number of pictures will increase, which makes the game quite difficult, even for people with high mental abilities.
After passing through some levels, there is a bonus – in the “Exhibition” section you will have gathered a collection of paintings in full size, and you will be able to zoom the picture and see the details.

💝🎨💪💆🎨We wish you a strong memory and creative inspiration! 🎨💐🖼💙


Name of Game: Uliana’s Art Game

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Uliana’s Art Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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