Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker MOD APK

New  The second part of the sword raising game. Raising the strongest ax! I’m working hard to make it by myself today.

▶ Raising an easy and addictive axe!

Level up in an instant after a few touches! Grow the strongest axe with accumulated gold and rubies. You can enjoy the game easily and simply without complicated explanations. Defeat the powerful monsters you encounter as the ax grows and get more rewards!

▶ I’m going as far as I can go!

There were many opinions that raising swords was difficult to neglect, right? This time, completely neglect it! Raising the strongest axe is an easy game to completely neglect from the start. It would be really easy to collect gold if you have a lot of high-level reinforced axes.

▶ More axes, more refreshing hitting.

We added a new system while bringing the fun of our previous work as it is. This time, you can raise several axes at once. You can fight monsters faster and more fun by raising a total of six axes. If you add the fever mode, the hitting sense is doubled!

◇ Grow dozens of different axes, from wooden hammers to ultimate axes!
◇ Easy and fast!
◇ Collect gold quickly through skills!
◇ Fever mode’s cool hitting sense! It’s better if you play with the sound on!

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#1. Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker (Android) By: Excellcube
#2. Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker (Android) By: Excellcube
#3. Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker (Android) By: Excellcube
#4. Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker (Android) By: Excellcube

Name of Game: Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Ultimate Axe Idle Clicker MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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