Wrangle Run: Spreedrun MOD APK

New  Get ready to gather up the entire flock of animals with Wrangle Run!

Wrangle Run is the new game for people who love single player games that are full of action and fun. You can run and jump your way through an exotic island to gather different animals, defeat evil poachers, and upgrade your character stats!

Wrangle Run is one of those amazingly simple games that your kids are sure to love! With straightforward gameplay and interface, bold graphics, and tons of prize animals to rescue, it’s sure to be one of the best games for kids in your lineup. They’ll love customizing their character with different clothing, power up, and defense items. And the many different island areas will keep them entertained and engaged. Unlike maze games or other hard games, Wrangle Run keeps things simple in order to provide the most relaxing, fun experience. And before you know it, it might even be something you yourself play more than other adult games that you usually like!

It’s easy to get started with Wrangle Run! First, choose a character to be your road runner. Then click a section of the island and start running! Avoid traps and enemies that can cause damage to your character. Collect coins to purchase items and accumulate darts, which you can use to rescue animals. Keep rescued animals in order to passively generate income as coins. You can use the coins to upgrade your inventory items for better protection, better loot luck, faster running, faster recovery, and more jump height! You can also capture animal poachers and find loot bags for rewards and special bonuses. Wrangle Runner is truly one of those kids games that will get the entire family hooked!

5 Different Island Areas – Run through the desert, jungle, grasslands, volcano, and plains!
Backpack Collection – Click the backpack icon to see all the items you’ve purchased and switch through different outfits and accessories to change your defense level and jumping height, or even just your look!
Daily Rewards – Get rewarded for coming back to Wrangle Run multiple days in a row! Get a bigger reward for each consecutive day up to 7 days.
Shop – Use your coins to shop for a variety of items including rifles, hats, shirts, capes, pants, gloves, and boots! Buy your character a dragon outfit for better defense or a ninja outfit so they can ninja jump up hills and over danger!
Horizontal Gameplay – use both hands to run and hill climb across the island through our vintage style gameplay

Your animal collection is waiting to be rescued! Download Wrangle Runner and start zooming around the island today!

#1. Wrangle Run: Spreedrun (Android) By: Namib Mills
#2. Wrangle Run: Spreedrun (Android) By: Namib Mills
#3. Wrangle Run: Spreedrun (Android) By: Namib Mills
#4. Wrangle Run: Spreedrun (Android) By: Namib Mills

Name of Game: Wrangle Run: Spreedrun

Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Wrangle Run: Spreedrun MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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