Animal word puzzle game MOD APK
  • Version: 1.2.9z

    Name of Game: Animal word puzzle game

  • Version: 1.2.9z
  • Game description:

    New  Welcome to the Animal Word Puzzle Game! In this fantastic crossword game, you can improve your vocabulary and spelling skills as you travel the world uncovering the hidden secrets of the animal theme.

    In Animal word puzzle Game, you start with a few letters as unique clues. Then you test your brain to write and make new words from scratch and connect them all to get the answer to the final crossword puzzle. Will you master this word game? Sometimes you will see the answer clearly, but often you will have to guess because there are no more words to link. This animal world word puzzle game is perfect entertainment to develop your searching, writing, learning, combining and problem solving skills.

    Word by word, magic by magic and riddle after riddle, you will solve the crossword puzzle and the challenges that come with it. Connect the letters to get the final answer and visit new animal names! Is there a better way to read animal names while learning new words and improving vocabulary?

    What strategy will you use? Solving puzzles at a glance or guessing word for word? What is the name of the next animal on your wish list? You’ll visit them all in this cool animal crossword game!


    You know how many words to link? Maybe you think the alphabet combinations are actually limited… or maybe not! These puzzles are very challenging and will test your broad vocabulary of animal names, your ability to make various combinations, and whether you can find the solutions to the puzzles well enough.


    Similar to, but with letters instead of numbers, this crossword puzzle game will combine the essential skills you need to solve all puzzles. You have to master the vocabulary to move on to the next level.


    Join the mission and enjoy the journey of finding the name of the animal in the world! Connect them with your insights and you will thrive. Each animal has a unique taste and has its own letter to guess. Not only will you learn vocabulary, you’ll also learn a lot about animals all at once! Can you make a secret sentence? This crossword game is more challenging than the classic soup puzzle game, and funnier too!


    Animal word puzzle games will test your vocabulary as you discover animal names full of challenging levels. Begin your journey with the name of the animal and make your way to the top. Each animal name and level is made more difficult and unique thanks to our rich game database. Connect the letters by lifting your finger and find the hidden words!

    Enjoy the simple and beautiful game design and various levels and puzzles that give you a lot of fun while playing!

    Animal word puzzle game is a challenging word game from the makers of Word.

    The object of the Animal word puzzle Game is to find words from a list distributed on a grid, mixed with random letters. It can be arranged in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line in the normal and reverse directions (depending on the level).

    Animal word puzzle game, with many difficulties. The board has several levels from 3×3 to 8×8.

    The word classification includes: animal, animal, animal
    How to play Animal word puzzle game

    – Swipe from letter to letter to arrange words on the board vertically or horizontally
    – Use certain boosters (Hints) for help when you get stuck
    – Challenge to find as many hidden “animal words” as possible
    – Buy hints to get help
    – Share with your friends to get help when you get stuck

    Let’s start the adventure!

    #1. Animal word puzzle game (Android) By: PanelTech
    #2. Animal word puzzle game (Android) By: PanelTech
    #3. Animal word puzzle game (Android) By: PanelTech
    #4. Animal word puzzle game (Android) By: PanelTech
    Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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    Animal word puzzle game MOD APK

  • Version: 1.2.9z
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