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Name of Game: Anime High School Girl 3D Sim


Game description:

Welcome to a new one Enjoy High School Anime Girl Life 3D, meet friends & make fun with Yumi & Yandere School Friends. Waking up early in the morning Yumi had to do her morning routine. After her morning routine, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast for her Sakura family. She made delicious eggs for the whole family. Yumi studies in Yandere High School in Japan, she was getting late for her school so she picked her bag and rushed to the bus station to wait for the bus. When the bus arrived at the station, she gets in and meets her best friend on the bus. As the bus reached its destination, Yumi gets off with her friends and attended her classes as per her schedule. Yumi studies with her boyfriend in the same class as her exams are around the corner. This marvelous simulator is for high-school girls which provide remarkable 3D anime games for high school students. Unexpected pranks Yumi and her friends will play on their classmates with free offline 3D impressive smooth control.
The next day, the high school sports competition begins, many games were played during the competition like badminton, football, basketball, and volleyball, etc. The competition was put on halt for 30 minutes as the principal gave a short break, Yumi went to the cafeteria with her friends and her boyfriend to have lunch. Yumi playfully grabs food from her friends and has it all by herself. After finishing her food, she goes to the sports competition as she was selected in basketball and football. Yumi, the best player in every sport, plays but her interest is in playing basketball and football. Yumi had a competition with other high schools, it was Yandere High school vs. Yoko shuka High School. Fortunately, Yumi won 1st place in the competition, she received a gold medal in the competition. Yumi, being a Japanese high-school girl, is very mischievous, playing pranks on her friends with her boyfriend in the 3D simulator, 2021. After the sports competition, Yumi went to the party with her friends and boyfriend. She met her many old friends at the party which is in the 3D game, 2021.
As a Yandere High School girl, Yumi plays the character of a good girl and a responsible girl towards her duties. This is her school life where she is dating, having new friends, and handling difficult tasks in high school which makes her more responsible in life. In this 3D game, she spends most of the time with her boyfriend and friends in her school during break. The cafeteria is Yumi’s favorite place to hang out and spend time with her friends and boyfriend. Sushi, Tempura, Unagi, and Udon is her favorite food from the cafeteria. In this new 3D simulator free game, 2021, Yumi had to pay for the check while splitting the bill with her boyfriend and her high school friends.
This anime Japanese high school game is specifically designed for high school generations who spend most of their time while playing games. This is high school fun where you spend time with friends, playing pranks on your friends, and going on trips with your classmates. In the 3D simulator- The Yandere High School, students participate in many extracurricular activities like sports, and different clubs where they win different prizes like gold, silver, and bronze medal. This is fun playing in the 3D game simulator.


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Anime High School Girl 3D Sim MOD APK


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