Black Hole Superhero Fighter MOD APK

Name of Game: Black Hole Superhero Fighter


Game description:

Download black hole superhero fighter action packed game where your superhero use gravity super powers and fight mad city gangsters and help citizens.

Play as black hole superhuman in open world environment third-person view gameplay, in NY city fighter. Use superhero flying abilities to fly over building and skyscraper and stop thugs for stealing cars and bikes. With black hole superhero gravity powers fight robot army and rescue mad city in this black hole gravity superhero game. Fight various mafia gangsters and robots in this superhero fighter game. The environment will remind you New York tall sky scraper and bridges. Play as black hole superhero fight streets filled with criminals in the town.

Superhero fly over the real city Vegas district to chase criminals and gangster. With gravity force beat the thief and mech robots using your gravity super powers you can kick and punch down with your martial arts skills. Rescue city saves American citizens in this black hole superhero game. Save shopping mall, hotel and airport in NY City face challenging missions in black hole superhero game. Fight with thugs on streets and clean the Chinatown district from multiple gangs.

Maintain peace in NY City in black hole superhero game and fight criminal who steal cars and fight rival gangs. Stop robber and fight gangsters drive supercars or fly over the NY city. Stop mafia stealing cars, help town cops in this black hole superhuman game. Superhero explore the big city, drive supercars and use gravity force to stop gangsters in this open world game.

Use superhero gravity super force to levitate robots and toss them in air and drop on floor. Fly superhero over buildings and fight evil robots in this action game.


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Black Hole Superhero Fighter MOD APK


Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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