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Name of Game: Block Puzzle : Match The Block


Game description:

Block Puzzle 2022 is a Challenging puzzle game, train your brain anytime

Block Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game in the play store, which is more suitable for mobile games. The rules of the game are simple and easy to control and take small spaces. Unlike Tetris, you only need to drag to complete the operation. Block puzzle is completely free, and you don’t need WIFI or cellular data, so you can relax and train your brain anytime, anywhere with super-smooth gameplay.
fill the blank area with different colorful shapes of blocks, connect the horizontal and vertical solid lines as much as possible to get points. Note that once there is not enough space for the block, the game is over but don’t worry you can try it again and again. Don’t forget to keep the blocks from filling the screen in this addictive puzzle game.

Block puzzle is a popular and awesome puzzle game. The goal is to drag and drop blocks in order to make them full the vertical and horizontal lines then the whole line will be cleared. If there is no space for the given block on the screen, the game will be over. Try to clear more lines and get higher scores!

Think carefully before you drop the blocks. Try to clear more lines and leave the space in the following blocks. Put the blocks in a reasonable space depending on their shapes. It is really a casual puzzle game for your free time. You can’t stop playing it once you start the game! Train your brain and enjoy the fun during playing this game!

Why Block Puzzle?

⭐ With beautiful themes, you can enjoy this easy but addictive puzzle game to relieve stress.
⭐ Play game without the internet, with no time limit, you can relax deeply.
⭐ Get bored with normal casual puzzle games and life? Try this brand new one and enjoy totally free gameplay surrounded by amazing graphics and sound effects.

This block puzzle game is an addictive block puzzle game, created by a group of puzzle game lovers, aiming to provide the best free block puzzle games for you.
It’s easy to play anytime, anywhere. Match blocks to fully fill the lines and columns and get them eliminated. The clearer the board is, the higher score you will get in this block puzzle game.

How to play this block puzzle game
⭐ Drag and drop the block into the board and match the row with color
⭐ Build lines and/or columns to eliminate the blocks and go-ahead
⭐ Try your best to eliminate as many color blocks as you can to get a higher score and challenge yourself and with your friends.
⭐ If the game will be over but don’t worry you can play it again. Try to improve your world rankings!

Features of block puzzle:

👉 Play with your friends and beat the score.🏆
👉 Blocks could be eliminated after completing the whole horizontal or vertical lines.
👉 Enjoy eye catching coloring themed puzzle.
👉 It is easy to play, and a block game for all ages
👉 Attractive themes. Elegantly design and Support leaderboard.
👉 Easy to use with smooth animation and UI design, simple to play.
👉 Relaxing block puzzle games. Designed to be playable in one hand.
👉 Challenge yourself, never stop. Keep trying to beat your high score and achieve the higher one.
👉 Continuous elimination will get an extra score.
👉 Play anytime, anywhere, no time limit. It’s time to train your brain and kill the boring time and boost your brain activity.

Play block puzzle game to test the IQ of family members. Free games are suitable for all ages and are suitable for family members to relax and entertain!
So, Block Puzzle is a Challenging and addictive block puzzle game, very fun!

If you are interested in playing block puzzle games, this app will be the best choice for you. Welcome to the block puzzle game 2022.
Puzzle Game and train your brain now!

Once you start this block puzzle game, you never can stop. Kick off your challenge now and become a master of our Block Puzzle.

Thank you


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Block Puzzle : Match The Block MOD APK


Manual Steps:
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