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Name of Game: Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game


Game description:

Welcome to the block puzzle game world! Block Puzzle is a simple and addictive puzzle game and the blocks like neon lighting. The only thing you need to do in this block puzzle game is to clear as many neon blocks as possible in a 8 by 8 board. Block Puzzle also is a Tetris like block puzzle game. The challenge is the availability of limited space. Block game will be end if there is no room on the board for given blocks. As a free simple strategy game, Block Puzzle can getting some relax and developing logic skills at the same time. You will not be able to resist the block puzzle game.

How to play Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game :
• Drag and drop puzzle blocks into the 8×8 board.
• Fill the blocks with a row or column to remove them.
• Scores reward for each step and the filled rows and columns.
• Blocks cannot rotate, more challenging.
• Avoid no enough space for other blocks.

Features of Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game :
• Relaxing gameplay with no pressure or time limit.
• Constantly update the various shapes of blocks, classic and challenging.
• Beautiful neon blocks and satisfying sound effects.
• Block Puzzle is a new hit in classic block games.
• Playable offline so you can enjoy this puzzle game anywhere.

How to get the high score in Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game :
• The wise use of an excess grid to create more possibilities.
• Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get a higher score.
• Planning the location of more blocks in advance, not just the current one.
• Choose the best position for blocks depending on their shapes.

Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game is a simple puzzle game but are full of challenges, it has logic skills and placement strategies, whether it is the very first or later move, each step determines whether you can get high scores. Block Puzzle is easy to play but difficult to master. The length of each games depends on your brain level! Tease your brain with block puzzle game, the game is designed to refresh your mind no matter where you are, in your school, on the bus or in office.

Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game is a free puzzle game with new neon style – in which your aim drag and drop the given blocks to fill up entire rows and columns, and then cleare all blocks on the whole line. If there is no room for the given blocks in the screen, the game is over. You definitely won’t be bored playing block puzzle games! Whether you are tired or in low spirits, a few rounds of playing Block Puzzle will cheer you up and let your mind relax. Unlock your brain and make the blocks fall in the right place! It’s a perfect option for you if you like block games. Download the Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game! Come and become a master of Block Puzzle Game Now!


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game MOD APK

Manual Steps:
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