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Name of Game: DUO & Friends – Uno Cards


Game description:

DUO With Online Friends game is a challenging game with unlimited entertainment. DUO cards game is an advanced version of the UNO game with new tournaments, rules, gameplay modes, special cards and much more. It’s almost identical to the UNO multiplayer game, but it provides room for up to 8 players. So, you can enjoy with family and friends to double the fun.


The first player to play all of the cards in their hand in each round scores points for the cards their opponents are left holding. The first player to score 100 points wins the game.


Match the number, color or type of the top card of the discard pile to make use of your cards. Or the player can throw down a Wild Card. If the player doesn’t have anything to match, they must pick a card from the draw pile. They can play what is drawn if it matches the last card of the discard pile. Otherwise, play moves to the next person.

The online card match can be fully customizable. In your own lobby, you decide how many points players need to win, how many cards you get at the start, what special uno cards will be available in card pile, etc. Customize how many cards of each type are in the card pile! Set more Wild cards, or more skips, it’s up to you! Tune your card pile and make the match fun!


Quick Game: Play to win one coin against a random player in a quick online match
Customize Shop: Choose your card skins, player bar, sound effects and confetti effects
Create Game & Join Friends: Browse games or invite friends to your own multiplayer game with own rules!


These are some exciting modes that keep your interest alive.

Draw-To-Match Game Mode: When you draw a card on your turn, you must draw until you get a playable card.
Number Shuffle: All number cards change their numbers when ‘reverse’ or ‘skip’ is played.
7-0 Game Mode: Playing a 7 allows you swap hands with another player, and playing 0 forces all players to take their hand and pass it down in the order of play
Duo Game Mode: In this mode, there are double-sided cards with a “Light” side and a “Dark” side. You start off playing with the light side, but if someone plays a flip card, you have to switch to playing the dark side, with stiffer penalties.
Team Play Mode: Here you can play with a team. Points are combined with everyone from your team. The round ends when there’s only one team having cards.


As UNO card games, the DUO game contains some special cards.

Wild ‘Find 0’: Next player in sequence has to keep drawing until he finds a card with number ‘0’
Wild ‘Switch Cards’: Player swaps all his cards with the next player in sequence.
Wild ‘Double’: Next player in sequence has to draw as many cards as he has in hands.
Wild ‘Number Shuffle’: Numbers of all number cards are randomized.
Wild ‘Watcher’: All players cards are uncovered for 5 turns


🃏 Interesting and competitive game
🃏 Strategy based online multiplayer game
🃏 Different modes and action cards
🃏 Allows creating private room for friends or family
🃏 Colorful graphics with user-friendly interface
🃏 Game items are customizable
🃏 Play with worldwide players and Facebook friends
🃏 Special wild cards and leaderboards
🃏 Relaxing game design with cute avatars
🃏 Free cards game with unlimited fun

Let’s play amazing cards game to test your callenging skills!

DUO Web Version: https://duowfriends.eu/.


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

DUO & Friends – Uno Cards MOD APK


Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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