DX Zwei Chronus Driver – ExAid MOD APK

Name of Game: DX Zwei Chronus Driver – ExAid


Game description:

This is A transform game of Ex-Aid henshin belt with complete features. Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for Ex-Aid Buggle Driver II or namely Buggle Driver Zwei for Chronicle Henshin.
Lets play the Buggle Driver Zwei and transform every time. And share Zwei Driver to other fellow henshin fans.

Features :
~ Zwei Driver with 3 mode :
1. Buggle Driver Mode
2. Zwei Beam Mode
3. Zwei Chainsaw Mode
~ 64 Gashat
~ Buggle driver II of Chronus Henshin with the Buckle Belt.

How to use :

Buggle Driver Mode :
1. Click icon bugvisor in gamer driver. The Waiting sound of Buggle driver will play.
2. Click the Gashat Icon and choose your favorite henshin form, or Bugster form.
3. Click the Henshin for Transforming become an Henshin.
4. Mechanical Simulation will begins with HD Henshin Bugster sound. And you will be Genocide !
5. Click A for Chronus waiting sound with the unique jingle.
6. Click B for Final Attack – Critical Crews Aid.

Special Feature :
7. Tap a long click A for PAUSE Mode of Chronus henshin
8. Tap a long click B for RESTART Mode of Chronicle henshin

Beam Mode :
1. Select Beam Mode for Switch to Beam Mode
2. Click A For Beam Shoot
3. Click B For Kimewaza
4. Click A again for shooting the Critical Jugdement

Chainsaw Mode :
1. Select Chainsaw Mode for Switch to Chainsaw mode
2. Click B for Slice with chainsaw
3. Click A for Kimewaza
4. Click B again for final attack with Critical Sacrifice


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

DX Zwei Chronus Driver – ExAid MOD APK


Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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