Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2 MOD APK

Name of Game: Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2


Game description:

Start endless run jungle escape 2, complete missions and level up as you run, take your princess jump or slide over all the perilous obstacles.

Enjoy the fun of the dodging and turning with explorers, princess keep running to claim more rewards and chests in Jungle & tunnels.

Run through the jungle, navigate across the Water area, climb Cliffs, dive off Waterfalls, defeat anyone in your way to get higher score bonus!

Explore the endless relic world, avoid barriers like blaze, rolling balls in the tunnels, watch out oncoming traffic as you get through the mine track.

Endless Run and Higher Score:
Get headstarts, score multipliers, magnets, shield props to sprint, score higher, earn more coins and save you on the run.
Upgrade different powerups to increase the duration, so you can dash further, win more rewards and higher score!
Level up run and complete more missions to get rewards and level up. Higher level, higher score multiplier!
Different Characters and princess wait for you to choose. Earn coins and gems to unlock your favorite roles.

Each princess runner has their special powers and can equip with skills, take advantage of their powers and skills, sprint more meters, get more coins, win high score, protect and save you.

Take part in score rank challenge, try to get higher score and rank the top.
Check out and claim your ranking rewards every week.
Compete with global runners, who is the top rank runner?

Endless Run Jungle Escape 2 Features
★ Princess Endless run
★ Jungle escape & tunnel adventure
★ Choose more roles to rush
★ Run, jump & dash as fast you can
★ Vivid organic environments
★ Challenge and fight monsters
★ Prop upgrades, equip role skills
★ Complete tasks, increase score multiplier
★ Dual handle operation, turn, gravity raises and falls tunnels
★ HD quality and exhilarating sound effect
★ Upload real scores, versus global players

Ready for the jungle escape, endless run to take on the impossibility!


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Endless Run: Jungle Escape 2 MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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