Hole Fall 3D MOD APK
  • Version: New

    Name of Game: Hole Fall 3D

  • Version: New
  • Game description:

    New  Hole Fall 3D is an arcade style 3D hyper casual game in which Player have to control a Hole and collect 3D Cartoons and Objects.

    Very easy to play but hard to master.

    Clear the board & do not pull good Objects in, that’s it!

    Hole Fall 3D is completely free and offline. Play it anytime you want. It has awesome colorful 3D design and fun arcade levels.

    • Install and Open Hole Fall 3D.
    • Try to guess which color you have to collect (Mostly; quantity can be the key).
    • Slide your finger on phone screen to control the Hole.
    • Start collecting all the required color objects to progress to the next level.
    • Collect, Enjoy & Repeat

    • Single finger control.
    • Fun and Cartoony sound effects.
    • Skin Shop to Customize the look of your Hole.
    • Countless number of limitless fun Levels.
    • Lots of famous Superhero logo, Cartoon faces and many other fun formations.
    • Drag your Hole around the platform to collect awesome human and 3D objects to finish the extent.
    • Progress through the level by collecting colorful cartoons, spheres & cubes.
    • Surprise for everyone on Last Level.
    • Play offline – no internet connection needed!

    Do not collect different color Cartoons or objects, that is it!

    Enjoy Hole Fall 3D and Have fun!

    Download now and begin your Cartoon Collecting Addictive Game!

    #1. Hole Fall 3D (Android) By: Vanmillion Studios
    #2. Hole Fall 3D (Android) By: Vanmillion Studios
    #3. Hole Fall 3D (Android) By: Vanmillion Studios
    #4. Hole Fall 3D (Android) By: Vanmillion Studios
    Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
    -coming soon

    Hole Fall 3D MOD APK

  • Version: New
  • Manual Steps:
    1. Install MOD

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