Merging Animal Race MOD APK

Name of Game: Merging Animal Race


Game description:

We have brought a game for you, which you have never seen or even imagined, our developer has created above your thinking.

Now the story begins. There lived a 👴mad scientist in a village, who used to make something with his mad mind and try it on the people of his village. One day he made something such that all the villagers were surprised.

He did an 🧪experiment on a man of his village, his experiment🔬 was to convert a man into many animals and make him race, and he was successful in that, he gave the characteristic of many animals in a man, he The man’s forehead was made of a 🐴 horse, his hand made of a 🐵 chimpanzee, the tail made of a🐬 fish, the skin of a 🐆 leopard and the legs of a 🐉dinosaur who would make such a strange looking man make him race.

Now you will play this game, you have to play the role of that man in this game, and you must have got such a ⚗️unique power that you can use five animal parts whenever you want.

You will have to run in a race, reach your destination, you will face many difficulties on the way to reach that destination, but you do not have to be afraid because you have a unique power, using which you have to win that race.

We tell you which part of the animal will be useful. So listen, liking the face of a horse will make it easier for you to jump over the big wall🧱 , the chimpanzee’s 👐hand will be useful in crossing the big wall, The tail of the fish will help you cross the pond, liking Leopard’s skin makes his voice louder so that you can easily break the big monster stone, and you can kick the big stone with the leg of the dinosaur.

This game will be very useful in removing your tension, when you are tired and sit to rest at home, then you can play this game to relax your mind.
Merging animal race game is totally free to use. All realistic features have been used in this game so that you will feel like real.

Merging Animal Race game features

🧪 Simple fun race 3d but challenging body change run game
🧪 many animals is choose your wish like, horse, chimpanzee, fish, leopard, dinosaur
🧪 Many challenging level is given
🧪 3D graphics is used
🧪 100+ levels
🧪 3D graphics
🧪 Easy to play
🧪 HD graphics
🧪Unique levels! Full of fun!
🧪 Play without the internet.
🧪 Realistic graphics is use
🧪 Very simple and easy to play
🧪 Amazing graphics


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Merging Animal Race MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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