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    Name of Game: Pregnant Cat Kitty Pet Games

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    New  Come on join us in this unusual experience of a pregnant cat simulator game, a try to discover the secrets of cat life with her little cute kittens. As you may know, a pregnant cat is a very important responsibility and you should be a lot more than prepared for taking care of a cat pet in this amazing cat family simulation game.
    An anime girl is very fond of cats, but she does not have any kittens in her house. What could be a possible solution? Oh, her best friend has a bunch of cats in her house. The girl gets up early in the morning and takes out her car. She goes to her friend’s house and sees a lot of cats there. There are so many cute kittens in her cat simulator house. She has to pick up one baby kitten for her and take it to her home.
    Congratulation! There is a new little hungry kitten in the house, she needs someplace to sleep and something to eat in this ultimate cat simulator game. Go to your nearest supermarket and buy some suitable cat food for your little kitten. Your favorite sleeping kitten needs someplace of her own. Get some cat house for her too. It’s a cat world! If you don’t have a real cat in your home, but you really want to have one cute little kitten, then this free cat simulator is a great solution for your fun time. At different levels, your cat will be getting adult. Is she making strange noises, and not behaving well? You must need to take your cat to a professional vet around the corner. The vet suggests that she needs some lovely mate to have fun in this free kitty game.
    Wow! It’s just some time passed and your cat is pregnant now, she is going to have some kittens sooner. This will make a bigger cat family at your house. The pregnant cat, it’s the happiest news you had so far. But with happiness comes responsibility, you have to take even more care of the pregnant cat now. So she can have some healthy little kittens. Take your expecting cat on a walk. Give her some healthy food full of nutrition. Take your cat for the ultrasound at the clinic of vet. She is getting ready now for having her favorite kittens.
    The wait is over now, all the meows are here in your house. Take each little favorite kitten to the bath and clean them properly. Take those kittens to the welcome kitten house and place the sleeping kitten properly in their places. Make sure that all the talking kitties are safe and healthy. After some time take all the kitties to the vet for a checkup. Give some nice care to the pregnant cat and her kittens in this little virtual pet care game.
    Pregnant Cat Simulator Game is presented by “Games Kingdom Studio”

    #1. Pregnant Cat Kitty Pet Games (Android) By: Games Kingdom Studio
    #2. Pregnant Cat Kitty Pet Games (Android) By: Games Kingdom Studio
    #3. Pregnant Cat Kitty Pet Games (Android) By: Games Kingdom Studio
    #4. Pregnant Cat Kitty Pet Games (Android) By: Games Kingdom Studio
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    Pregnant Cat Kitty Pet Games MOD APK

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