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  • Version: New

    Name of Game: Save The Bear

  • Version: New
  • Game description:

    New  🐻The exciting thing in life is to be adventurous and explore the world. Save The Bear is a blast game that combines puzzle and simulation so you can transform into your character and explore the beautiful world.

    🐻Save The Bear is a blast game that tells the story of a bear who has a passion and love to explore new worlds, so he decided to hit the road and visit new lands by himself. However, life is not easy, the bear unfortunately encountered a small incident and had to take shelter on a deserted island. Here, he must overcome traps and dangers to survive on the deserted island.

    🔥How to play
    Tap on blocks of the same color to blast, opening the way to help the bear escape from dangers and traps.
    Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
    Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level!

    World Map: world map helps you to look back on the adventure of the bear and prepare yourself for the next challenges.

    Gameplay is based on an adventure story, new challenges are constantly being opened, you will always feel curious and want to explore them. Because it is a game with a plot, you will experience a lot of emotions: suspense, suspense, curiosity…. . Give it a try, Save The Bear won’t let you down.

    Objects and boosters will be collected by you during the adventure. Try to get as much as you can, it will help you in the most difficult moments.

    🔥Other features in the game:
    – Beautiful, attractive graphics and animations
    – Control with 1 hand
    – Vertical screen suitable for all situations

    🌵🌵Download blast game- Save The Bear and rescue the bear right away.🌵🌵

    #1. Save The Bear (Android) By: MeeGame Studio
    #2. Save The Bear (Android) By: MeeGame Studio
    #3. Save The Bear (Android) By: MeeGame Studio
    #4. Save The Bear (Android) By: MeeGame Studio
    Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
    -coming soon

    Save The Bear MOD APK

  • Version: New
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