Scary Horror Games: Evil Neighbor Ghost Escape MOD APK

Name of Game: Scary Horror Games: Evil Neighbor Ghost Escape


Game description:

Fear the haunted horror house. The scary ghost will chase and find you.

You wake up looking for your parents and only find a ghost chasing you. The horrors fill the house on your every step.

You know your parents are in the locked closet. Explore different rooms to find the key to your parents closet. But be careful of the horror house. The ghost will find you…

The house is big and has many rooms: the parents’ room, kitchen, your bedroom, granny’s room and a yard.

Go to different rooms, solve puzzles and beware the horror and scare waiting for you.
Escape the ghost, prepare to face an evil horror and embrace the jumpscares this horror game has prepared for you.
As you explore the rooms, you’ll learn more about your escape from the ghost and from the haunted horror house.

No one will help you not even your neighbors. See with your own eyes what scary games have hidden for you. Show off your escape skills by winning over this ghost that will fill your heart with horror.

Wait for more scary horror monsters in the future that will make your heart stop. The monsters coming to this game will be even scarier and the house will be filled with more horror.

Every minute of the game will make you want to play more. Scary, but so fun, this addictive game will definitely have you play every day. Your neighbors will hear your horror filled screams.
The game is very addictive and will freeze your blood.
Scary Horror Games: Evil Neighbor Ghost Escape will definitely become one of your favorite horror games.
Six reasons to download Scary Horror Games: Evil Neighbor Ghost Escape:

– Scary monsters

– A house filled with horror

– Good puzzles

– Many rooms and levels

– Hide and run to survive

– Use tools and solve mysteries to find answers

This game is free to play, we hope you enjoy your time playing the game. If you have any problem with the game, send us a message.
Play this horror game for free!


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Scary Horror Games: Evil Neighbor Ghost Escape MOD APK


Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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