Secret Agent: Stealth Master MOD APK

Name of Game: Secret Agent: Stealth Master


Game description:

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you think you could become the next Secret Agent? Can you out smart your enemy and eliminate your targets? Experience the best action game of the year – play Secret Agent: Stealth Master!

Your secret training is over. You are ready to take on the challenge and face the mighty enemies. Outsmart and take out bad guys attacking from behind. All it takes is one well-aimed blow. But be careful not to get spotted! Play this fun action & stealth game to improve your skills, unlock new weapons and enemies and earn the rank of a Grand Agent.

Ready for your mission?

★ Equip the best gun for the job – unlock and use tens of different weapons. Do you prefer to shoot from a safe cover? Unlock wide range of guns, sniper ruffles and silencer. If you are up for a challenge – pick one of the melee weapons, sneak up close and eliminate the bad guys.

★ Use powerful boosters – as the mission progresses, you will get better and unlock the access to powerful upgrades. Chose the one that suit your way of playing most. Become invisible and use smoke bombs for assassin-like battle. Increase your fire speed and unlock Electric Bullets to cause even more destruction.

★ Meet new enemies – all the villains know they have a reason to fear you. Their soldiers will become stronger. But can any of them match your skills and equipment?! Adapt to new battlefields, enemy’s weapon and attacks.

★ Become the stealth master – learn to use your surroundings to remain invisible. Become undetected by cameras, traps and enemy scouts. Can you spot the patterns of enemies attacks? stay hidden and finish the bad guys with one blow.

In Secret Agent: Stealth Master you choose how to approach and put down your enemies. Improve your skills, unlock new weapons and become the ultimate Agent. Play the best stealth and action game of the year.


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Secret Agent: Stealth Master MOD APK


Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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