Smartphone Tycoon Repair Master- Laptop PC Builder MOD APK

Name of Game: Smartphone Tycoon Repair Master- Laptop PC Builder


Game description:

Smartphone Tycoon Repair Master- Laptop PC Builder
Be the repair master of smartphone tycoon in this laptop pc building simulator
Start the pc creator workshop in the town if you want to become a pro pc repair master to build and design a computer like a mastermind and manufacture the computer motherboard so play the computer building simulator. Use multiple machines to fix the pc parts like graphics cards, CPU, DVD, and other electricity supply chains on the motherboards in the computer games. You will learn all tricks of computer part fixing into the pc part picker game. In this pc building sim mechanic and computer, repair staff uses a soldering machine to join all electrical wires into the building simulator game. A brand new pc builder company is opening in your town and they are looking for a Pc skilled who has engineering and computer architectural skills. Join the computer maker company you will learn all skills of laptop repairing, how to design, build, and assemble computer systems in large numbers in this pc builder game. Be the best mobile phone maker and electric appliances, builder to start the laptop production in this repair master games. Now play these pc mechanical games and enjoy laptop mechanics, designing, and packing.

There are many different mobile phone service games in which you will learn how to repair and assemble broken factory machines. This repair master simulator game is full of fun and interesting stuff where you will learn all skills of computer parts fixing and build the computer. Now play this mobile repair master simulator game take the laptop and mobile repair simulation to bring the best professionals for you. If you want to become a good computer repair master you will play this game and learn all tricks related to computer machines in this smartphone tycoon games. Join the laptop LED screen in the body and joint it with the help of screw & fix it. Repair and fix all the broken and damaged items before painting the laptop in this repair electronics game. Before goes to market choose the best color for the laptop, mark the laptop with a brand new cover and then move it for packing in this repair master simulator.

In this mobile service workshop, you will learn all skills of mobile service to become the master of smartphone tycoon games. This mobile phone game provides you with many tips for practical works on mobile, mobile unlocking, mobile software repairing, and flashing so that you can learn all tips for mobile repair and get money. The best guide for mobile learning and is a complete mobile repairing guide. In this mobile mechanic game, it has all type of solution for smartphone tycoon games.
You can also learn how to repair a water damaged mobile in the mobile service game. By learning through this mobile course you can fix your own or you can start a repair electronics workshop easily. In this phone simulator game, you can be a pro in a mobile service game. The mobile phone simulator gives tips for all problem solving like keypad problems, ringer, network, dead mobile repair, and led panel to change in this repair master simulator.

Smartphone Tycoon Repair Master- Laptop PC Builder Features:
• Be a repair master to repair laptop, phone and pc in your lab
• Multiple tasks to do such as change the laptop screen, mobile protector in laptop repair games
• Change the usb port of laptop with stunning 3d graphics for more adventure in smartphone tycoon games


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
-coming soon

Smartphone Tycoon Repair Master- Laptop PC Builder MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install MOD

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