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Name of Game: Squid 456 Craft Survival Games


Game description:

Welcome to Squid Challenge Survival Game for Cookie Carver dalgona candy challenge, tug of war challenge and Glass bridge Challenge. Complete 152 all challenges and win a huge virtual money prize in this Squid 456 Craft Survival Games. Be aware if you are not able to complete any raft survival challange given to you by the puppet master, you will be shot dead in this Poppy Cookie Clicker survival game by the pinkman. Use Poppy Cookie Clicker carving features to carve the cookie in cookie carver challenge by using any means. All challenge of dalgonachallenge given to you by the squid master are super easy, you just have to control your nerves and try to complete the Poppy Cookie Clicker challenges with full attention in this Cookie Carver Survival Game.

Here is your survival guide of Squidward octopus games by the Squid Challenge Survival Game. This challenge game is designed as squids survival games for kids where you have to use your childhood memories to complete the k challenge like tug of war & cookiecutter challenges in this Squid 456 Craft Survival Games. This cookie cutter octopus game or cookie game is popular these days among Korean games. To complete this dalgona candy challenge, Carve the Survival 3D Cookie by removing extra parts from it in Chelenge cookie games.

In the next chelenge game, the task is marble rolling, mid night fight and jumping on glass bridge. Then there comes the most difficult survival challenge by the squid master in this Squid Challenge Survival Game named red light challenge. To complete this challenge, be focused, control your nerves and do not move any part of your body when the red light is on. Run when greenlight is on, in this survival games offline the death games. Join this squid raft survival multiplayer online game and have fun by playing this Squid 456 Craft Survival Games.

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Squid 456 Craft Survival Games MOD APK

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