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Name of Game: Survival Squad Game


Game description:

Survival Squad Game

The Survival Squad game is the ultimate squad survival shooter game. one of best single player battle royale survival squad commando with strategic play and amazing graphics. DOWNLOAD now and enjoy a unique Secret mission commando gaming experience.
Create Survival Squad and start attacking your enemy with very realistic cover strike weapons. Get your weapon out, step into the hopeless land, and start fighting for survival as a real survival shooter in the battlefields. Explore battle royale environments of the Modern Strike battlegrounds.
In this Survival Game you have to search your prisoned military persons through an open world radar system and lead him back to the helicopter of your team squad within time. You have to demolish the enemy defense system, their ammunition supply, and military vehicles to conduct FPS battles. You have never played such a realistic encounter with strike gun game 2021: shotguns, pistols , rifles, machine guns… feel like a frontline commando in the squad survival unknown battle!
The Survival Squad Game has no excuse left to click & install this amazing gun shooter game. It’s time for army battleground to fight against the Squad terrorist. You have to fight like battleground warriors and destroy the enemy’s territory along with Winter Free Fire commandos using modern weapons in a survival battleground online game. If you are going to complete all these missions of Battlegrounds: FPS shooting 3D through advanced gun battles you will win the Free Battleground championship. The life of a surgical strike commando is not so easy. There are many responsibilities you have to save your battle royale player in this Elite Free Fire Best Shooting Game like our Real Commando Shooting Games.

Key Features Of Survival Squad Game

● Free to play 3D offline game
● Survival Squad game is Time keeping
● This Squad game has different Environments
● High quality Graphics in this Survival Squad Game
● Deadly Weapons used
● Multiple Seasons for survival squad
● Great Story Line to motivate the squad.
● Decision making power improvisation
● Easy to play and control
● Funny pose

How To Play this Survival Squad Game

(1) Red light green light
– Start moving at the Green light and Stop at the red light, otherwise you will be shot by guard
– Cross the finish line before time runs out
– Do not rush, its survival shooting game doesn’t get eliminated.
(2) Cookie Carver Competition.
– Carve cookies in given time without breaking.
(3) Tug of War
– pull rope to word your team side and win the rope pull game.
(4) Stepping glass
– There are two types of glasses, one on which the character can stand and one is breakable.
– Try to remember the strong glass and only choose strong glass to walk forward, otherwise glass will break and you are eliminated
(5) Marble (Odd Even Game)
– Guess odd or even marble in the opponent hand, guess right 3 times in a row to clear the level.
(6) Marble Target
– Throw marble in the hole to win the game.
(7) Flip and toss
– Touch on the screen when the moving indicator is on the grounded object, when it flips you win and you will be slap king of the game.
#Please download and share this Survival Squadgame to your friends and other people to play this game and enjoy this interesting game.
The Survival Squad Game game is made for entertainment purposes, for any query contact us at


Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
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Survival Squad Game MOD APK


Manual Steps:
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