The Chosen Warrior MOD APK
  • Version: New

    Name of Game: The Chosen Warrior

  • Version: New
  • Game description:

    New  ======== STORY ========
    2000 BC
    Ancient Cave Paintings show invisible enemies from an unknown realm arriving on Earth after AD 2019. No arrows, no sword, no bullets shall be able to kill them. They shall bring the DOOMSDAY!! However, a warrior, a chosen one shall emerge whose mighty hands and impeccable vision may have the power to save this world.

    YEAR AD 2019+
    Earth is in danger! Scientists have invented SanitizerX to stop viruses from spreading. 1000s of volunteers who used the SanitizerX got their hands burnt. Fortunately, you have passed the test. Only you can use the Potent SanitizerX. NOW GO, SAVE THE WORLD

    ====== HOW TO PLAY ======
    1)Give Camera Permission(for tracking hand movements)
    2)Hold your phone steady on a tripod, desk/table
    3)Tap On Sanitize Hands Button and move away from your phone for the phone to track your movements
    4)When the countdown ends, Touch the virus with your sanitized hands to kill it and earn points
    5)Do not touch the bomb(atmospheric hydrogen) at any cost. Because SanitizerX and atmospheric hydrogen create an explosion strong enough to kill YOU!

    #1. The Chosen Warrior (Android) By: unni babu
    #2. The Chosen Warrior (Android) By: unni babu

    Name of Cheat/Mod/Hack (credits: wendgames):
    -coming soon

    The Chosen Warrior MOD APK

  • Version: New
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