Vedantu – Play and Learn MOD APK
  • Version: 0.0.1

    Name of Game: Vedantu – Play and Learn

  • VERSION: 0.0.1
  • Game description:

    New  Vedantu – Play & Learn, a holistic development program for your child. A unique combination of research curriculum and technology. Our educators alongside the parents now can better understand a child’s strengths with our breakthrough AI assessment and timely live teacher interaction. A customized learning experience to build your child’s enthusiasm for learning, with a goal of Play More, Learn More.


    Artificial Intelligence Assessment: With the integration of AI technology in learning, mentors are able to assess the child’s strengths and improvement areas and help them grow where they need to.

    Learn More in Less Time: Our 15 min daily content helps the child to learn independently by spending less time.

    More than 250 topics: More than 250 topics covered throughout the year that includes (topics names here)

    Personalized Learning Curriculum: Ensures the child’s engagement as it is specifically designed to suit the child’s needs and interests hence allowing the child to independently learn as they go.

    Overall Brain Development: Assist in the overall brain development of the child with tasks that will help test their attention, reaction time, memory, and speed.

    Fun Learning Experience: Increase in the child’s engagement with the help of well-designed interactive activities and characters to pique their curiosity and learn at their own pace.

    Live Teacher Support: Providing that extra touch with live interaction with the child to help on improvement areas and better understand the topics covered.

    Parent Area: Enables the parent to engage with the teacher/mentor to deeply understand the progress of their child along with access to the progress report.

    Ad-Free: It offers a safe hassle-free learning environment with no ads.

    Affordable: Multiple subscription packs are available as per the child’s need at an affordable price.

    Phonetic sounds
    Letter recognition
    Speak and Listen
    Read and Write

    Gross motor skills
    Fine motor skills
    Sensory development
    Cognitive skills
    Critical thinking
    Creative thinking

    Awareness of self
    Decision making
    Self regulation
    Social behavior
    Healthy habits
    Basic concepts
    Use of technology

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    #1. Vedantu - Play and Learn (Android) By: Vedantu
    #2. Vedantu - Play and Learn (Android) By: Vedantu
    #3. Vedantu - Play and Learn (Android) By: Vedantu
    #4. Vedantu - Play and Learn (Android) By: Vedantu
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    Vedantu – Play and Learn MOD APK

  • VERSION: 0.0.1
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