Busted! MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Agrandir vue - Busted! pour capture d'écran Android  Agrandir vue - Busted! pour capture d'écran Android  Agrandir vue - Busted! pour capture d'écran Android

A high speed chasing game

Maybe you already know Belgian studio Mentalwarp Games from Bloody Bunnies, one of the best games back at 2011. They have come back with Busted!, a futuristic game about highway code, traffic violations and, above anything else, sheer speed. In other words, a perfect time waster to be played still, set in a gorgeous 3D environment. It’s expected to be released in a few weeks, and when you watch the video below you’ll understand why we are as much happy about it: reckless racing across tube-like streets and that arcade touch halfway between F-Zero and the best part of GTA, when you get bored and cause any misdeed to be chased by the cops first and the army later.

It should be highlighted the excellent sound. On the other hand, graphics are vector-like, which is appropriate but won’t strike anyone by now. FB integration is required not only to post your records on your wall, but also to challenge friends. However, forget the chance of a one vs one race: the only other ship you will see is police’s when they catch you, thus ending the play unless you have crashed before.

What is great is the online leaderboard system, arranged by countries and leagues. You can also play a league with your Facebook friends.

We’d like there were more circuits, a “shadow mode” or whatever to play against yourself if there’s no way to play against another at the same time. Anyway, absolutely worth of giving it a go, and it’s free, without ads as long as we have seen. Gameplay will entertain you at first. Then, it’ll be up to you.

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