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  1. Sir plz upload boom beach latest version. The version you uploaded is stuck on downloading content plz help.

  2. Sir plz upload boom beach latest version. The version you uploaded is stuck on downloading content plz help.

  3. Jim Horvath says:


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  4. sooraj says:

    plz upload nba live hack plz

  5. Supareak Rittinee says:

    i need Monarchy war Mod Gameplay same Chiến Lữ Bố 3D – Tam Quốc

  6. Merline says:

    Can you please update idle heroes

  7. Andy says:

    Hola hay un juego que me encanta se llama covet fashion-the game y todo es mega caro podrían añadirlo a su lista de juegos para hack 🙂

  8. Maria Svensson says:

    If it is possible please upload the new version of Design home 1.02.65. With moneycheat. Thank you 🙂

  9. Robert says:

    Can you guys hack nba live Mobile

  10. Illusionsvo says:

    Update manga go 3d please

  11. Marcelo says:

    Es muy bueno q existan este tipo de sitios es maravilloso

  12. Marcelo says:

    Sssi increíble

  13. Hung says:

    mod game Kiếm Tung mobile, please

  14. Trang says:

    let’s mod game Kiếm Tung mobile

  15. JAPAN says:

    Elemental story v3.7.0 MOD update please.

  16. Naina kumar says:

    thanks for what you guys are doing. Can you mod sunken secrets too pleaaasssseeee. And pet farm stimulation as well.
    Thanks. ☺

  17. Please make th enew sims mod not sims freeplay their is a new one it hasnt come out in the usa yet but in brazil make a mod of The sims Mobile thats what its called and it only realesed in Brazil

  18. Please make a hay day mod if you can make a clash of clans then you can make a hay day mod they are. Made by the same company

  19. Vasilica says:

    Hello! Can you update Fashion Cup pleaseeeee? thank you!

  20. Andy says:

    can you plz hack knights and dragons

  21. Alicia says:

    Hello! Can you please upload CONTRACT KILLER 2 MOD.

  22. henry says:

    covet fashion wendgames please covet fashion

  23. sarah says:

    yeah covet fashion money and diamonds mod apk wendgames
    covet fashion apk

  24. Andy says:

    Pls hack monster strike

  25. arrem says:

    can you plz hack アイカツ!フォトonステージ!!
    Always Thank you so much..

  26. carlo says:

    please file dumgeon boss lost

  27. Jlsls says:

    The sims mobile need to have unlimited money pls because i just downloaded it and it has no “full” what ever make it unlimited money

  28. Brandon says:

    Please make a new bowmaster mod unlimeted characters and money

  29. Eddy says:

    Can you please mod madden nfl football v4.1.1 please and thank you if you do or try.

  30. Onill says:

    Hello sir, can you please mod Line woparoo land 2.3.0 version ?
    Thank u ?

  31. Spanky Mia says:

    If u can do some magic and get me this game (design home mod apk 1.03.24) then I will be very grateful. I can’t find it anywhere on the web 🙁

  32. Damian says:

    Update this game Tiny gladiators ver 2.0.9 and God of era: epic heroes war ver 0.1.22

  33. luca says:

    New Farmville 2 up date please

  34. Billy says:

    Please Hack Total Dominations: Reborn
    Please I need help

  35. Spanky Mia says:

    No new games? :'( pls come back and bring us more games 🙂

  36. Spanky Mia says:

    Wohoo 😀 Thank you for all the new games?
    And I have a request,
    Kitty City-The great bath 11.001 (mod apk) ?

  37. qeg says:


    Star Dragon Quest 星のドラゴンクエスト MOD
    VERSION: 1.21.0

  38. Sahil says:

    Why does clash of clans stop during traveling while selecting the army game stops itself and wont continue

  39. lucifer says:

    Hi please fix this keep showing disable adblock thing. Even I didn’t enable adblock but keep showing on my device, this is happened when I try to downlode the App.

  40. FINDAWAY says:

    Please make a mod for Find a way:Addictive Puzzle, perhaps a premium one is perfect. Thanks

  41. VENOM says:

    not “make”, its “leech” a mod

  42. VENOM says:

    DDoS-ing this shit.

  43. Sango says:

    Hi, can you make a mod this game “dragonvale world 1.16.0”

  44. kr says:

    dream town mod apk please

  45. kr says:

    dream town story mod apk

  46. Spanky Mia says:

    Please, please and even pretty please….
    Can you fix “Kitty City the great bath” mod apk version 14.000
    Spanks 🙂

  47. Rahul says:

    Dream story town unlimited gems plz

  48. Adef says:

    Motogp championship min

  49. Spel Efternamn says:

    Thank you for fixing all the games 🙂
    But… Is it possible to get “Forge of Empires” version 1.116.5 with mod/cheat?

  50. rra says:

    Hi. Can you mod episode latest version? Please

  51. MergedZamasu says:

    Can u guys plz mod Create Dragon Z sayian Warrior and also Dragon ball z dokkan battle plz also HAPPY NEW YEARS :)????☺?

  52. Spel Efternamn says:

    Can you pls try and fix a cheat for a game called,
    “Elvenar” version m1.44.3
    I need diamonds in that game if it is possible?
    Thank you for your time.

  53. Chii says:

    Can y’all mod Nicole if you get a chance?

  54. Eddy says:

    Can you please mod wwe mayhem please mod it i would like if you just mod it to have unlimited money thank you

  55. Jerimias says:

    EPISODE Pitch Perfect pleeeease! Thaaankyou ?

  56. hus peter says:

    plz share チェインクロニクル(Chain Chronicle) 3.6.1 MOD

  57. songiseok says:

    Thank you for uploading your modded apks! Can I ask you mod BbulleWarClicker? korean name is 뿔레전쟁 클리커 thank you!

  58. Eddy says:

    Can you please mod kingdom hearts union x [cross] in English please and thank you

  59. Rivarivava says:

    Pls mod dissidia final fantasy opera omnia (en). Any kind of mod is fine.

  60. Michael says:

    Please make mod bbulleWarClicker

  61. Suwit Raze says:

    Excuse me!!!
    I want Mod game street basketball association v.3.0.5 update 21 november 2017
    I want Mod Unlimited Money and Always perfect shoot with 100%
    I’m waiting for Mod Game. Thank You.

  62. Yerski says:

    Hey mate can you please mod new update pacybits fut 18 please and thanks mate

  63. Andy says:

    pls hack monster strike o3o

  64. Kiti says:

    Pls hack Jurassic World. 🙂

  65. Gabriel says:

    Please do a saiyan legends hack

  66. Sehr says:

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  67. Jibril putraa says:

    min, latest Ayodance please update again using mod. please min

  68. manuelalinda says:

    Hi, i want hack sunny school stories? Sunny school stories is new game of PlayToddlers.

  69. Sandy says:

    Can you please do a new mod apk for My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode version 1.0.10? Please it has been updated. Thanks

  70. Merline says:

    Can you do hack games for ios

  71. Gusion says:

    Please update lanota mod to 1.9.3

  72. Flavio says:

    Por favor sword art MD

  73. Julia says:

    Sally Salon Kiss And Makeup?? Please

  74. Ocha says:

    Thank you for all the game, and can you hack mystic messenger ver 1.9.3 with unlimited hourglass pleaseeee and LINE PLAY with unlimited money and gems .. Please pleaseee

  75. eddy says:

    Please mod Dragon City please unlimited gems and gold and food if possible please and thank you so much.

  76. Galaxystar says:

    I beg you so much pls put a updated Horse haven world adventures hack.
    If you add that then I will be werry thankful.

  77. Can you please do a Avakin Life hack and the critical ops

  78. Can you please do a Avakin Life hack and the critical ops plsss

  79. Patrick says:

    I would like to know if you can modify the ghostbuster Slime City game to have unlimited health thanks to you

  80. Patrick says:

    I dont find Ghostbuster slime City mod

  81. Andy says:

    Can u please make the batle cats english mod? Cant red chinese

  82. Mansi says:

    After reinstalling star girl the app is asking to get an updated version . Please help

  83. Esther says:

    Please cant you make the world chef please ??

  84. Bade says:

    Hai sir, can you please hack walking dead march to war because I don’t find from this site.


  85. enrique dolores perez says:

    Hola quería el juego Marvel Future Fight porfavor

  86. epolin says:

    하얀고양이 프로젝트 MOD APK aka APK MOD 1.1.66 ver

    I want you to do this.
    Thank you.

  87. Lucia vargas says:

    please, I could update the Toon blast game. thank you very much they would be very kind

  88. Sir many people are playing mobile legends so please update it

  89. Unggi says:

    Dragon viliage APK Pre Shopping Plzzzz

  90. Angel says:

    HI administration can you please upload game modes with free purchases all unlocked of Princess libby desert maker please^-^

  91. Tae says:

    Could you update the Kim Kardashian hack and maybe unlock the VIP stuff as well other than that this is some raw s***

  92. Sónia says:

    Hi, can you update The Sims Mobile? It doesn’t work without the update …

  93. Asty says:

    International Fashion Stylist2.4 not work.
    now ver.2.5 mod apk prease.

  94. Arttavis Brooks says:

    Can you update the Kim Kardashian game

  95. Mie says:

    Hey, can we get hacksvfor trench assault?

    Thanks in advance for ur continuous follow up

  96. Need zoetropic says:

    Need zoetropic photo editor premium mod with very fast motion play.

  97. Bipona says:

    Hi, i want to hacked vacation hotel stories? Vacation hotel stories is a new game of playtoddlers

  98. Jaldigame says:

    Sir Please update bleach brave soul version 7.3.2 mega mod

  99. Scott says:

    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you’ve misspelled the word “werry” on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr.

  100. Sav says:

    Hello, can you use your expertise to mod Cookie Wars version 1.3.6?

    Playstore Link:

    T h a n k You!

  101. Jorlenys says:

    Por favor necesito que suban un mod para hustle castle versión 1.7.1???

  102. Ocha says:

    Can you hack or cheat ZEPETO 3D character game from snow? Make it unlimited coin or increase coin please

  103. Ismail says:

    Pleas if you can hack this game (light felowship) juste thé rone i need up my rone un max but this ils hard need more gold or easy up thanks

  104. Fitz says:

    Can u guys do a hack on blitz brigade using game guardian u can hack the game using game guardian but i dont know how it would be much appreciated if u do it

  105. Fitz says:

    Can u guys do a hack on blitz brigade using game guardian u can hack the game using game guardian but i dont know how it would be much appreciated if u do it ive been using ur website for a while

  106. Jaldi says:

    Sir please update bleach brave souls version 7.4.0 thanks i love wendgames forever

  107. Jaldi says:

    Sir please update bleach brave souls mega mod version 7.4.0 thanks i love wendgames forever

  108. Jaldi says:

    Please update bleach brave souls mega mod version 7.4.0 thanks

  109. Arya says:

    Could you please try and upload
    Alia Bhatt: Star life ?
    here is the play store link

  110. Sam Singer Danielle says:

    First of all my huge thanks and best regards and best wishes for your whole team of Administration panel!

    I don’t have words to thank you for the “Baldur’s Gate enhanced edition” data and apk file you have provided, because I was very disappointed by the few other websites that are supposedly having this game for the gamers as literally ALL of these websites left me frustrated and upset because none of their games were actually working and I WASTED time and effort and money on the multiple Gigabyte heavy downloads and I don’t have WiFi. Thanks a million times because your uploaded game is working fine!
    I had almost given up on this but fortunately I chanced upon your website and said to myself that I am going to take one ‘last’ chance to get Baldur’s Gate enhanced edition and lo and behold it works perfectly fine and flawlessly with no issues at all!!!😊

    Thanks again guys for the great work and the good games and hours of gameplay you have provided to people like me who can’t afford to buy “all” of these games, and if not for you we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these wonderful and amazing games.

    Keep it up and running robust and reliable as always!

    Warmest regards and best wishes from India to all of your team!

    Sam Singer Danielle

    P.S. Please upload the Banner Saga parts 1-&2 ASAP so that I and lots of others have the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful games also😊✌

  111. Shahazrul says:

    Can u guys mod avakin life ? Is it possible ?

  112. saripp says:

    Sir pls make mod game “garena speed drifters”
    new on playstore.

  113. Umer says:

    Hi admin,
    We are a small team of game developers working hard to launch greats titles but don’t have a huge marketing budget, so our game didn’t get any response which it deserves. I am a great fan of your work and I regularly read your posts related to games. I wanted to say that you guys are my inspiration. I would like to inform you that I have a launch a new game you can check the link given below. I wanted to publish my game on your blog.
    Hope you will be interested. If so, please do let me know the right time to contact you. Thanks.
    Game Link:

  114. Patri says:

    Cookinh craze is fall 😑😑 please actualization

  115. A says:

    Any chance to get a modded version of Brawl Starts? With money/ gems?

  116. Kleider says:

    Please hack the emergency hq game

  117. Luna says:

    Hello! Could you please mod the otome game My Lovely : Chose your otome game please! I’d really appreciate it

  118. ANgel007 says:

    Please, Can you mod the episode choose your story

  119. Beme says:

    Hello, can i ask for a mod apk of cooking diary v. 1.11.0. Thanks

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